Experience the legend

Wield powerful ancient weapons and forge your way through unrelenting deserts, crumbling necropoli, floating islands and dangerous mountains as you try to uncover the secret of the last Djinn.

Cover art for Mira and the Legend of the Djinns video game.
Art from Mira and the Legend of the Djinns depicting Yuba (main character) resting by a statue of Mira.

Long ago, there was Amazgesh, a golden Kingdom forged in peace between humans and Djinns after hundreds of years of war. Then came the Fall, a cataclysm that turned Amazgesh into a wasteland of death and emptiness. Humans struggle to survive in a ruined world while almost all of the Djinns have long since disappeared or died. As for how this all happened, well, who can say? No mortal now remembers the truth. Has the secret history of Amazgesh been lost to time, or does it lie with the forgotten memories of the last djinn?

The Story


Character cards displaying Mira, Yuba, and Aisha.

Meet the Characters

Learn more about Mira, Yuba, and other exciting and unique characters they encounter on their journey to recover Mira’s lost memories.

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Explore the World

From the dangerous and wild woodlands of Mamora Forest, to the floating oceans of the Skylands of Tamazgha, explore the world of Amazgesh, the once great kingdom.

World view of Amazgesh, the setting of Mira and the Legend of the Djinns video game.

Meet the Makers

Enter the Little Knight Games Development team, the group of extraordinary individuals who worked hard to create the world of Mira and the Legend of the Djinns.